Community Programs

The Brookfield Police Department participates in numerous community service programs. The Department along with the Brookfield R-3 School provides a School Resource Officer (SRO). This officer not only provides the element of Police protective presence on the campus but acts as a resource to students, facility, and staff. Any crime that is investigated or police service that is provided on campus is the responsibility of the School Resource Officer.

The DARE core program is presented at the 5th-grade level by a state-certified DARE instructor.

The Department in cooperation with the Linn County Health Department and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) collects and properly disposes of expired or otherwise unused prescription drugs.

The Department provides a structured residential security check on homes vacated by citizens on vacation, or out of their homes for extended periods of time.

The Department protects merchants by the initiation of contacting retailers of reported bad checks, counterfeit money, and stolen credit/debit cards.

The Department provides an identification program for individuals that wish to register their bicycles with the Department.

Our Officers provide guided tours of the Police Department facility to school-aged children and other youth or civic organizations. In addition, our Officers provide drug awareness, crime prevention programs to the community, and community meetings.