Industrial Development Authority

The Brookfield Industrial Development Authority (BIDA) was organized in 1979, for the purpose of forming and constituting a public corporation under Chapter 349 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri (the “Industrial Development Corporations Act). The purposes for which this corporation exists are to develop, advance, encourage and promote commercial, industrial, agricultural and manufacturing facilities in the City of Brookfield, Missouri. The Brookfield Industrial Development Authority is the primary economic development organization in the Brookfield community.

The BIDA is made up of a seven-member board of directors appointed by the Brookfield City Council with each director serving a six-year term. The directors meet each month on the second Wednesday and periodically convene special meetings for budget and planning working sessions. The mission of the organization is to increase job opportunities and stimulate growth in Brookfield, Missouri, through the retention and expansion of existing businesses, the attraction of new industry, and overall community development.