Municipal Court


The Municipal Court for the City of Brookfield is a division of the Circuit Court Linn County, 9th Judicial Circuit. The Municipal Court is subject to the general administrative authority of the Presiding Judge of the Circuit Court. The Associate Circuit Judge of Linn County, Missouri is designated to hear and determine all alleged violations of the ordinances of the City of Brookfield and is also referred to as the Brookfield Municipal Judge.

The Prosecuting Attorney does not provide legal advice to the general public. To obtain an attorney, you may want to refer to the “attorney” section in the yellow pages. Alternatively, you may contact the Missouri Bar Legal Reference Service, 573-636-3635, for legal referrals. There is a charge for the legal referral service.

Cases in Municipal Court involve alleged violations of City of Brookfield laws occurring within the city limits of Brookfield. If you have received a ticket/summons for a municipal ordinance violation, you have certain rights and responsibilities.

Brookfield Municipal Court is held on one Tuesday of each month beginning at 9:30 am on the 3rd floor of the courthouse.


Amber Boley, Circuit Clerk
Adam Warren, City Prosecutor