The adoption and enforcement of the rules published herein are necessary to secure peace and good order with the Cemetery, to protect the interest of the lot and grave owners, and to preserve the beauty of the grounds. All persons are required to obey the rules and are requested to report any infractions of them by others.


The main office of the Cemetery is located at City Hall, 116 W Brooks, Brookfield, MO 64628. The telephone number is 660-258-2662. The cemetery is located on Park Circle Drive, in Brookfield’s southern section.


The records showing lot owners, grave owners, and interments in Rose Hill Cemetery are accurately maintained. Relatives of those buried in Rose Hill may rest assured that, when visiting the Cemetery in years to come, the precise location of any grave can always be shown.

These links go to pdfs that are updated each year:

View Old Cemetery Lots.pdf

View New Cemetery Lots.pdf

View Veterans Lots.pdf


Rose Hill Cemetery is owned by the City of Brookfield. The City Council appoints a five-member board to oversee the operations, including the creation of rules and regulations concerning the placement of items on gravesites; types, materials, composition and placement of headstones, grave markers, monuments, tombs, vaults, or mausoleums; the placement and types of urns, containers, ornaments, flowers, shrubs, planters, trees, and other similar items, and any other matters affecting the care, maintenance, and control of the Cemetery.

The Cemetery is open from 8 am to ½ hour after sunset every day. Office hours are from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, excluding those holidays recognized by the City of Brookfield.

The Cemetery Board appreciates and encourages any reports of neglect or disrepair.

Lot Sales

Lots can be purchased from either the Cemetery Sexton or the City Treasurer.

The following prices reflect the cost of lots for two people:

Two-person lots with ground-level markers:  Block L $350.00 each
Two-person lots allowing upright headstones/monuments:  $400.00 each
Lots purchased above include $100.00 for perpetual care.


Sale of lots: No one having a lot may sell it to another individual without prior approval from the City of Brookfield.

Block L: Ground-level-only markers shall be placed in Block L of Rose Hill Cemetery. Such markers shall be installed in accordance with the installation requirements of the City. In addition, no trees, urns, shrubs, flower boxes, or similar containers of any kind shall be attached to or placed within Block L; however, vases may be placed on gravesites in said Block L is attached to the top of the marker. One shepherd hook will be allowed directly behind the marker. Items on the hook cannot touchstone or ground.

Grave decorations: The placing of cut or plastic flowers over individual graves shall be permitted from May 15 to June 15 and December 15 to February 28 with unlimited decorations.

From June 16 to December 15 and March 1 to May 14, urns, flowerpots or shepherd’s hooks only shall be permitted. No other flowers or wreaths shall be allowed in or on the ground. Two items per person shall be allowed for all blocks except Block L.

All items must be placed on the gravesite immediately behind the tombstone. (Flag holders do not count as an item on gravesites.)

Trees, shrubs, flowers: It is unlawful for any unauthorized person to plant any tree, shrub or other plants in the Cemetery except those permitted by the Cemetery Sexton. We will allow one rose bush or one peony bush, which must be placed immediately behind the headstone, per lot. Persons wanting to plant a bush must check with the Cemetery Sexton before planting. Cemetery crews are not responsible for bushes. No bushes will be allowed in Block L.

Landscape timbers/Gravel/Rock: All landscape timbers and rock/gravel are prohibited at Rose Hill Cemetery.

Headstones/Monument permits: No person will install or place a headstone or monument in the Cemetery. All headstones will have a secure concrete foundation set by cemetery personnel, with the Cemetery Sexton approving the location and depth of the foundation. All headstones need to be either granite, marble or bronze.

Openings: All interments shall contain an outer receptacle for caskets consisting of a minimal concrete container or air-sealed vault. All covers or top plates shall be manufactured of granite or marble and no other material. No concrete cover or top plate will be allowed. All replacement cover plates shall be of manufactured granite or marble.

Two cremations on a half-lot with only one headstone will be allowed.