Help Us, Help Linn County

The Linn County Leader is compiling a list of local non-profits and any possible needs the group may have along with any need for volunteers. This will be published before, during and after the holiday season encouraging area residents to give back.
Non-profit groups and organizations that would like to be included on the listing should send a list of the following:
– Specific need
– Where donations can be mailed or dropped off
– Office hours and contact information
– Information if requesting volunteers (task description, age requirement, hours needed)

Information about fundraisers whether they be ongoing or for specific events can be included as well.
The Linn County Leader and Cherry Road Media are committed to giving back to our community, it is our hope that this listing will help our vital community resources during trying times. Help us help you by submitting the above information to news@linncountyleader.com.