Chip and seal paving to begin November 1

Beginning November 1, the following streets will have chip and seal applied.
Brunswick – Forest to Sedgewick
Hunt – Forest to Adams
McGowen – State to the end
West North – Main to Caldwell
High – Hyatt to Meyers
Thompson – High to Monroe
Monroe – Park to Boston
East and West Prairie – Crosby to Brunswick (all)
Crosby – Brookfield Ave to Livingston
N. Livingston – John to Prairie
John – Livingston to Clinton
W Park – Livingston to Pleansant
Pleasant – Laclede Ave to Brown
Home – Dake to Pratt
W Dake – Home to Main
Industrial Drive – South end to Stanbury’s South drive
S Pearl – Helm south to end
Percy Lane and Markham Court
Beverly – Helm to Canal
Market – Lockling to Helm
Brookfield Ave – Elliot to Maple
Clawson Drive