Update from City Manager

There have been several asking about the status of the building on North Main Street that caught fire in March. I want to provide an update. Since the fire occurred, the City has been in contact with the owner on a weekly basis. The owner and insurance company are working diligently to get the property cleaned up. Once the insurance company concludes their part, the Owner is ready for a contractor to demolish the rest of the structure. Before the structure can be cleaned up samples had to be sent to the DNR lab. This is a requirement, and the contractor has already provided them to DNR, which generally can take up to a month. When DNR provides approval, the contractor will begin demolition. Everyone has been working together for this to go a smoothly as possible. In addition, the beams that are currently attached needed reviewed by an engineer to configure the best and safest way to remove them. As always, there is a process. We are all working together and just as anxious to see this cleaned up.