Letter from the City Manager

Good afternoon,

In doing what is best for our community and with respect to all of the residents of Brookfield, I want to explain what is on the ballot for the upcoming election of April 5. One City issue is the annual election for Council Members. Two city issues are on the ballot called “Proposition A” and “Proposition B”.  I know some of these terms such as “Proposition A” and “Proposition B” can be somewhat of a formal title, and you are wondering just what does that mean. Both of these are NOT a new tax; they are a CONTINUATION of a sales tax. To have both on the ballot only happens every 20 years.

  • “Proposition A” is a 1/2 cent of one percent for an additional five years and provides for approximately $350,000 – $382,000/annually.
    • The City’s General Fund provides funding for “every day” maintenance which includes applying sand, cinder, cold mix, or salt.
    • The ½ cent tax allows our City to fund major projects that have been accomplished such as curb and gutter on Locking Street, storm sewer project on W. Canal Street and asphalt on city streets, just to name a few.
    • The residents have been supportive of the ½ cent tax since 1992.
  • “Proposition B” is a ¼ cent of one percent for an additional four years and provides for approximately $180,000 – $204,000/annually.
    • The City’s General Fund provides funds for “every day” maintenance such as vehicle maintenance, contracts, utilities, insurance, training, building materials, police uniforms, etc.
    • Since the ¼ cent tax was implemented, it has allowed us to accomplish projects such as a new fire station, city fire truck, demolition of the old high school, old First Christian Church, Degraw Theatre, Stanley Hotel, numerous houses, purchase of public works equipment (backhoe, loader, street sweeper), commercial mowers for the Building & Grounds Dept., automated meter reading system, radios and pagers for the Fire Dept., and many other projects.
    • The residents have been supportive of the ¼ cent tax since 1998.

City budgets in rural communities become complex in today’s economic times due to mandated regulations from the state and federal government. Maintaining what we do have and replacing what is necessary becomes a challenge at times. These continued taxes have made it possible to fund what is necessary to sustain and improve what is needed to service you, the residents.

Honestly, it is only with the funds of the ½ and ¼ cent sales taxes that we will be able to continue with these types of projects and large major items. I am appreciative of your past support and am hopeful you will help our City prosper with your continued support.

I am here for you. If you have any questions, at any time, please feel free to contact me.


Dana Tarpening

Brookfield City Manager